“This is Engineering” – How the Royal Academy of Engineering is re-branding Engineering for the 21st Century

“This is Engineering” – How the Royal Academy of Engineering is re-branding Engineering for the 21st Century

The Royal Academy of Engineering has launched “This is Engineering”.

The new campaign has been designed by The Royal Academy of Engineering to change perceptions of Engineering.

The campaigns ambitious aim is to “rebrand engineering” by challenging what we consider engineering to mean in the 21st century and promote the dynamic, exciting and varied careers it offers.

Led by the Academy the campaign is a collaboration between EngineeringUK and other industry partners and forms part of the Academies contribution to the government’s 2018 Year of Engineering.

This is Engineering – New Films

We have picked a few of our favourite interviews that the Academy has produced to support the campaign.

Daniela – how design engineering turns imagination into reality

For Daniela, it was imagination and a love of design that brought her to engineering. Now, her 3D creation software makes it easy for people to transform bold ideas into reality.

Charles – how engineering combines his interests in tech and boxing

Charles’s love of sport led him into engineering. His training app allows professional boxers to track the speed and technique of every punch, block and hook, helping to create tomorrow’s champions.

Vinita – how she uses creativity to solve problems in space

Vinita’s interest in space led her into engineering and then to the European Space Agency. Whether it’s making spacesuits smarter or prepping for moon landings, every day brings something new.

Chris – how an engineering job mixes robotics with medicine

Gadgets and gizmos are what first attracted Chris to engineering. Now, his job allows him to make a real difference to people’s lives through wearable robots and prosthetic limbs.

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You can follow the campaign on twitter at @ThisIsEng

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