What killer robots mean for the future of war

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You might have heard of killer robots, slaughterbots or terminators – officially called lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) – from films and books. And the idea of super-intelligent weapons running rampant is still science fiction. But as AI weapons become increasingly sophisticated, public concern is growing over fears about...

US proposes ‘deep space radar’ in Britain

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The United States is in talks to locate a new giant new radar system in the UK. The station would form part of a global system to identify and track objects in deep space up to 36,000km away. While most countries are able to easily track satellites; space...

World’s deepest shipwreck dive reaches US navy ship

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A team of American explorers have completed the world’s deepest shipwreck dive reaching the wreck of an 80-year-old US navy destroyer sunk in WWII at nearly twice the depth in which the Titanic rests in the Atlantic Ocean. Undersea tech company Caladan Oceanic completed two eight-hour dives...