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US proposes ‘deep space radar’ in Britain

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The United States is in talks to locate a new giant new radar system in the UK. The station would form part of a global system to identify and track objects in deep space up to 36,000km away. While most countries are able to easily track satellites; space...

Prospero – Challenge to Find the 1st and Only UK Spacecraft

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Skyrora has launched 'Finding Prospero' - a challenge to find and retrieve the 1st and only UK Spacecraft The first, and only, British satellite launched by a British rocket 50 years on, UK rocket company issues call to de-orbit the Prospero X-3 satellite. The craft is the only...

Astronomers worry as private companies push ahead with satellite launches

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Since the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, the lower orbit around the Earth has become an increasingly congested environment with more than 2,200 satellite launches to date. Those satellites – along with launch vehicle components and debris from mechanical disintegration, collisions and explosions – now fill this...