The road to assembling NASAs mega-rocket.

6 months ago — Long Read

Nasa has announced that it has assembled the first Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The massive SLS is designed to have enough power to carry humans to the Moon later...

Infographic – How is NASA assembling its huge SLS rocket?

6 months ago — Long Read

In the next few days NASA will finalise the first assembly of its huge SLS rocket. The rocket is part of the Artemis mission to take humans back to the...

Solid Rocket Moon Booster fired up for critical test

1 year ago — Quick Read

Today NASA, alongside engineering giant Northrop Grumman, celebrated after they successfully ignited a massive solid rocket booster in Utah. The two-minute test put the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) hardware through...

Third successful test of NASAs RS-25 engine; the rocket that might take us to Mars

5 years ago — Long Read

NASA is reporting it has successfully tested the engine created to power its huge Space Launch System (SLS) deep-space rocket, with no issues occurring across its 7.5-minute run.