New tech harnesses energy by mixing freshwater and seawater

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Engineers at Stanford have created a new battery made from affordable and durable materials which can generate energy in places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The new tech could make coastal wastewater treatment plants - like the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant in Los Angeles pictured above -...

Isle of Wight boat builders to supercharge the British Antarctic Surveys seakeeping

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Isle of Wight boat builders Island RIBs has been commissioned to build two 7.5m RIBs designed for the harsh environment of the Antarctic. The new boats, which will be deployed by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), are designed to offer high levels of sea keeping ability, stability and...

A Giant octopus and historic ship come together to create new coral ecosystem

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A group of conservationists led by Sir Richard Branson has created the BVI Art Reef - an underwater art installation centered around the Kodiak Queen - a World War II warship - and a massive “Kraken” The sea monster sculpture can be found off the coast of...