Scotland only just missed its 100% clean electricity target this year

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Scotland just missed this year 100% clean electricity consumption by only 1.4%. Scotland is currently working to achieve an ambitious climate target of net-zero by 2045. 10 years ago it set its sight on 100% clean electricity consumption in 2020. That target was extremely ambitious but it almost...

Post Office begins Orkney island drone trial

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Royal Mail has announced a two-week trial to deliver post to remote Orkney island using an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV). The trial, the third this year involving remote communities and UAVs, will see Royal Mail use Windracers drones between Kirkwall and North Ronaldsay in the Orkney Islands. ...

US proposes ‘deep space radar’ in Britain

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The United States is in talks to locate a new giant new radar system in the UK. The station would form part of a global system to identify and track objects in deep space up to 36,000km away. While most countries are able to easily track satellites; space...