Scottish wind power crushes 100% production threshold

engineering careers  Scottish wind power crushes 100% production threshold

Scotlands on and offshore wind production smashed production thresholds last month.

The National Grid recorded that Scottish wind power produced more energy than required on 20 out of 30 days this November. With wind generating enough energy to power 6m homes.

Photo Øyvind Gravås Statoil Hywind Scotland last turbine sail away from Stord 1474897
A wind turnbine being towed to Scotland earlier this year.

In fact, wind produced 109% of its total energy requirement setting a new all-time record for wind generation in Scotland. With November 28 being the best day for wind generation – producing 116,599 megawatts (MW) – enough to power 9.59m homes.

Wind power breaking through the magic 100% threshold is truly momentous… For months output has flirted around the 97% mark, so it’s fantastic to reach this milestone. It’s also worth noting that 20 out of 30 days wind production outstripped demand. Gina Hanrahan, head of policy at WWF Scotland

The boost in wind production has been due to more onshore wind farms which have proved a cheap and effective source of energy.

While the record-breaking total is an exciting step forward for renewable energy in Scotland there is no storage tech, like Teslas Australia battery farm, in place to keep pace with wind generation.

The next step for the UK’s energy policy will be to look at how to better store excess power generated while exploring other renewable sources.