#James Webb

JWST – Fully Focused

2 months ago — Long Read

NASA and the ESA have announced that the alignment of the James Webb Space Telescope is now complete. The Space Agencies have confirmed the telescope is now capable of capturing...

James Webb goes super-cold

2 months ago — Quick Read

James Webb Space telescope 'Mid-Infrared Instrument' (MIRI) has now reached its incredibly low operating temperature. The US space agency NASA confirmed that the instrument - assembled in the UK -...

Nasa begins process of focusing James Webb space telescope

5 months ago — Long Read

Nasa has kicked off its months-long process of focusing the James Webb space telescope. The revolutionary new scope is a an international collaboration led by NASA in partnership with the...

NASA successfully deploys the James Webb Telescope’s HUGE mirror

2 years ago — Quick Read

The successor to Hubble - NASA's James Webb Space Telescope - has been successfully tested for the very first time.

NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope launch to 2021

4 years ago — Quick Read

Bad news for fans of the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA has decided to push the launch date back to March 30th, 2021

James Webb Telescope: Telescope moves to Vacuum Test Chamber A, Johnson Space Center, Houston

5 years ago — Quick Read

The James Webb Telescope has moved into Test Chamber A, where NASA Engineers will simulate an environment where the telescope close to that of space. This phase of testing is...