Thin Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Safe for Human Inhalation in First Controlled Clinical Trial

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Graphene oxide has generated substantial interest globally with applications in electronics, energy, medicine, and more. However, uncertainties around the human health impacts of manufactured nanomaterials have raised safety concerns over widespread use. Graphene oxide (GO) is a unique two-dimensional nanomaterial derived from graphene, the world's thinnest and strongest...

UCLA Engineers Unveil High-Speed Solid-State Thermal Transistor for Advanced Heat Control

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UCLA engineers have unveiled a novel solid-state thermal transistor capable of rapidly switching heat flows on and off using an electric field—a long-sought innovation that could usher in a new era of advanced heat management technologies. The research team's room-temperature thermal transistor demonstrated record-high speeds, switching cycles, and...

Cambridge leads the charge to use Graphene in zero gravity

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Cambridge researchers have been using the 'vomit comet' to test graphene’s application in space. Graphene has the potential to open thousands of new opportunities in material science and could transform how Engineers create systems for use in space. For the first time, graphene has been tested in a...