Engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air

3 weeks ago — Long Read

A team of engineers from MIT have developed a new way to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The new tech could work on the green-gas at any concentration which...

Countdown begins for Ocean Cleanup System 001 launch

1 year ago — Long Read

In 10 days, on September 8th, Ocean Cleanup will launch the world’s first ocean cleanup system from an assembly yard in Alameda, out through the San Francisco Bay, toward the...

Oxford could become the world’s first zero emission zone by 2035

2 years ago — Quick Read

Oxford prides itself as a bike-riding city, but the town might well become the world's first zero-emission zone by 2035 if plans to radically lower emissions are implemented. New plans...

Ice Drones Embark on Antarctic Mission

2 years ago — Long Read

A flotilla of robot subs are on a mission to forecast sea level rise by mapping the unseen bottom of a melting ice shelf.

Meet the AI that hunts poachers

2 years ago — Quick Read

Meet PAWS - the elephant’s new protector. This new machine-⁠learning and game-theory system can predict where poachers are likely to strike. Poachers kill around 27,000 African elephants each year. This...

University of Warwick creates Fluorescent dye to highlight 99% of hidden ocean micro-plastics

2 years ago — Long Read

With the smallest microplastics in oceans going largely undetected the University of Warwick has developed an innovative and cheap new method of detecting microplastics as small as the width of...