NHS Capsule Cam will test for cancer

5 months ago — Quick Read

Thousands of UK patients who have experienced symptoms of bowel cancer are in line to receive a special drug capsule that stores a tiny camera inside of it. The NHS...

Bioengineered Lungs Grown in a Lab Transplanted Into Pigs

3 years ago — Quick Read

The average wait in the UK for a lung transplant is three to six months. There are more patients need of lungs than there are available donor organ. Bioengineers at...

“Solar Sponge” offers a completely new approach to solar steam generation

5 years ago — Long Read

MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped sponge-like device which can soak up sunlight to generate steam through its pores. Researchers call the design a "solar vapour generator". It does not...

Electric mesh can give the heart an electromechanical hug

5 years ago — Long Read

Researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Seoul National University have created a device that wraps an electronic mesh around the heart to battle heart failure. The...

Arthritis sufferers offered hope by bio-printed cow cartilage

5 years ago — Quick Read

A new 3D printing technique from Penn States Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences has produced cartilage from strands of bioink

Nissan developing fuel cells to generate electricity without combustion

5 years ago — Quick Read

Nissan hopes to revolution the automotive sector by developing e-Bio Fuel-Cell with an SOFC power generator - allowing its cars to produce electricity without combustion Nissan's Japanese engineers are said...