NHS Capsule Cam will test for cancer

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Thousands of UK patients who have experienced symptoms of bowel cancer are in line to receive a special drug capsule that stores a tiny camera inside of it. The NHS will soon begin to national trial to check for a variety of cancers using a miniature camera that...

Bioengineered Lungs Grown in a Lab Transplanted Into Pigs

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The average wait in the UK for a lung transplant is three to six months. There are more patients need of lungs than there are available donor organ. Bioengineers at the University of Texas hope to change that. This week a team of researchers from University of Texas...

“Solar Sponge” offers a completely new approach to solar steam generation

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MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped sponge-like device which can soak up sunlight to generate steam through its pores. Researchers call the design a "solar vapour generator". It does not require expensive mirrors or lenses to concentrate the sunlight and instead relies on the combination of low-tech materials...