The first Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough for Knees

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Knee cartilage performs an important role in our bodies, acting as both a barrier to protect our joints from harm and a soft cushion. This amazing biological substance has proved difficult to replace. However, a breakthrough from bio-engineers at Duke University is set to change that. The team...

New implant can restore partial vision to blind people

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Bio-engineers are hailing new tech as a ‘paradigm shift’. The new implant can transmit video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve. Trials have shown the new technique has successfully restored partial sight to six blind people. The implant - named Orion...

AI to help arthritis patients manage their flare-ups

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A partnership between UK health company Living With, the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH), and the University of Bath has nabbed a major grant to develop a Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare Profiler. Innovate UK is funding the project which should allow rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients to...