Spirit of Innovation plane is the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft

2 weeks ago — Quick Read

The Spirit of Innovation - an electric aircraft demonstrator developed by Rolls-Royce - has clinched the record for the world's fastest all-electric aircraft.

Will Electric planes solve flying’s CO₂ problem?

2 years ago — Deep Dive

The UK government plans to ban the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Clearly the plan is for all citizens to be driving electric or hybrid-electric...

Minute silicon particles set to boost lithium ion batteries capacity by 10x

3 years ago — Long Read

Chemical Engineers have taken a critical step in creating the next generation of silicon-based lithium-ion batteries. The team, working at the University of Alberta, have pioneered a new technique which...

Could textile waste water revolutionise liquid battery technology?

3 years ago — Long Read

A common bright blue dye found in textile productions wastewater might be a great candiate for future battery tech.

#cubesat NASA’s ultra-thin built-in batteries set to free up valuable space on CubeSats

5 years ago — Long Read

"Space" is a valuable commodity when it comes to CubeSats! Engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and the University of Miami have developed an ultra-thin, solid-state battery, which should allow...