Infographic — Is the Tesla Model 3 going to completely change the future of driverless cars?

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Over the next decade we are going to see driverless cars cruising down our roads. As the technology becomes more advanced - and public excitement grows - so does the question about their effect on the future of driving. To learn more, check out the infographic below (created...

#automationrevolution The rise of the intelligent automated workforce

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Robot revolution Losing jobs to technology is nothing new. Since the industrial revolution, roles that were once exclusively performed by humans have been slowly but steadily replaced by some form of automated machinery. Even in cases where the human worker is not completely replaced by a machine, humans...

#automationrevolution Artificial Brains – Will the quest to build sentient machines result in minds like our own?

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Human minds are only one example of mind on earth. So what are those other minds really like? It is often talked about as the ultimate prize of artificial intelligence: a machine that can think like a human. But human minds are only one example of the kinds...