NHS developing “smart” outfit which can diagnose epilepsy

NHS developing “smart” outfit which can diagnose epilepsy

The NHS have been working on a cap and shirt that can easily and quickly diagnose epilepsy. The device has now been approved European health services. This means it can be used by the NHS in the UK.

Epileptic seizures are estimated to effect over 40 million people, making it one of the most common serious nerve conditions in the world. It is the result of result of excessive power discharges within the nervous system.

While existing implants and programs can warn of the onset of seizures, analysing the condition is more difficult and involves sensors and wires mounted on the top of the head and waiting for seizure so it can be recorded.  The process of tracking seizures is so challenging it is estimated that  30% of people with epilepsy are misdiagnosed.


French start-up BioSerenity has developed the outfit which they are calling the “Neuronaute”. As the outfit can be warn all day it is hoped that it will be able to record the users brain, heart and muscles more precisely, whilst allowing them to get on with their normal day-to-day activies. If a seizure did occur it could then send an EEG of the episode to a doctor electronically.

Alongside the EEG, the device is able to capture the motion of the user using a mix of accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses. This can held build a more complete picture of the activities which led up to the seizure.



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