Engineering Opportunities

Aqualunar Challenge – New £1.2 Million Challenge To Enable Deep Space Exploration

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The hunt to sustain human presence on the Moon just kicked into high gear with the launch of the Aqualunar Challenge, a joint £1.2 million prize competition established by the UK and Canadian space agencies. Tasking engineers worldwide to craft solutions for converting lunar ice into potable water,...

Revolutionizing Air Purification: University of Bath Develops Virus-Blocking FOAM3R Filter Technology

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With air quality and respiratory illnesses remaining critical worldwide, there is a pressing need for revolutionary HVAC solutions that eliminate harmful pathogens and pollution. Researchers at the University of Bath have answered the call by inventing FOAM3R - a groundbreaking air filter technology that blocks over 99.9% of...

What Went Wrong with the Peregrine Moon Lander and What It Means for Future Lunar Missions

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On January 8, 2024, the Peregrine lunar lander launched from Cape Canaveral aboard a next-generation Vulcan Centaur rocket. The spacecraft was the latest in a surge of private sector efforts to return payloads and even humans to our nearest neighbour. Developed by lunar transportation firm Astrobotic Technology, it carried...