Engineering Opportunities

Simple STEM Activities To Do At Home

4 months ago — Deep Dive

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended education for teachers, parents, and students alike, but before that revolution, there was another one just as profound. Long before parents were asked to double...

Mimi Isabella Nwosu – Engineering Myths

4 months ago — Quick Read

Civil Engineer Mimi-Isabella busts some myths about engineering.

Launch Prize opens to 12-19 year olds

5 months ago — Quick Read

The STEM-X Launch Prize has gone live. This unique virtual challenge is open to 12 - 19 year old and the prize is insane.

Exam Results 2020 – Why algorithms get things so wrong?

6 months ago — Quick Read

A-level results: why algorithms get things so wrong – and what we can do to fix them The scale of public anger over the automated downgrading of thousands of students’...

Engineering Podcasts – The STEMusic Podcast

6 months ago — Quick Read

The STEMusic Podcast is a Podcast highlighting multicultural professionals within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) industry and the music they love. The podcast uses to music as a way...

STEM Accord – 50 Engineering Hero’s

7 months ago — Long Read

Born to Engineer favourite, STEM Accord, have put together a fantastic Instagram series on often overlooked Engineering Hero's. Their account is a must-follow for anyone interested in the history of...