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NSK Joins Forces to Tackle Offshore Wind Wake Effects, Enabling Japan’s Floating Turbine Farms

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With ambitious climate goals in sight, Japan aims to expand offshore wind energy rapidly. However, floating wind farms come with complex engineering challenges. One critical issue is the wake effect – disruptive turbulent airflows caused by spinning turbine blades. To tackle this, the Japanese government is funding a...

Will Amazon’s MK30 Drones Usher in the Future of UK Delivery Services

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Amazon is preparing to significantly advance its delivery capabilities by introducing a new drone delivery service in the UK next year. This follows the success of a similar initiative in the US, with the retail giant promising customers quicker delivery times and more convenience. Amazon's journey towards using...

Tower Bridge Undergoes Essential Engineering Overhaul

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In the heart of London, the iconic Tower Bridge, a marvel of 19th-century engineering, has just completed a round of essential maintenance. The bridge symbolises the city's rich history and architectural ingenuity, which has received an essential overhaul to ensure its continued operation and safety. This involved...