Engineering Breakthroughs

Countdown to the Fastest Human-Made Object: Parker Solar Probe’s Date with the Sun

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A groundbreaking moment in space exploration will arrive in just under a year. On December 24, 2024, NASA's revolutionary Parker Solar Probe will achieve the closest-ever human-made approach to the Sun. Travelling at a blistering 195 km/s, the probe will race past our star a mere 6.1 million...

New Strategy Improves Accuracy of Snake-Inspired Robots for Complex Environments

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Slithering through rubble and debris, a robotic snake winds deep inside a collapsed building. Guided by algorithms and remote sensors, it deftly navigates tight spaces and shifting wreckage. Behind it, a rescue worker monitors the feed from its camera eyes, searching for trapped victims. Scenarios like this demonstrate...

Rolls-Royce Unveils Modular Nuclear Reactor Model to Power Future Moon Missions

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UK aerospace giant Rolls-Royce recently unveiled a prototype modular nuclear fission reactor designed to provide sustainable power for establishing a continuous human presence on the Moon. The 1-meter-wide by 3-meter extended reactor model was presented at the UK Space Conference in Belfast as part of an ongoing UK...