Equipmake Unveils Power-Dense, Ultra-Lightweight Electric Motor Revolutionizing Space, Aerospace, and Marine Applications

Equipmake Unveils Power-Dense, Ultra-Lightweight Electric Motor Revolutionizing Space, Aerospace, and Marine Applications

Equipmake, an innovative leader in the electromotive industry, has revealed its latest feat of engineering brilliance – the High-Performance Motor (HPM) 400.

The new motor is ultra-lightweight and stands as the most power-dense motor globally. The advent of the HPM 400 could revolutionize the electric vehicle sector, particularly the space, aerospace, and marine applications, promising to redefine what’s possible in electric propulsion.

H2: Breaking New Ground in Electric Motor Technology

The HPM 400 has been designed with an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio, breaking all previous records. This British-made motor showcases the tremendous strides Equipmake has made in electric motor technology.

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Weighing just 10kg, it delivers an incredible 400kW, roughly 40kW per kg. This remarkable power density puts the HPM 400 in a league of its own.

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Equipmake’s new motor isn’t just about brute power. It also boasts extraordinary efficiency, operating fully for extended periods without overheating. This is because of its cutting-edge cooling technology that incorporates a highly efficient water-glycol system, ensuring the motor stays within the ideal operating temperature, even under extreme conditions.

H2: The Impact of the HPM 400 on Space, Aerospace, and Marine Applications

The unveiling of the HPM 400 has sparked considerable excitement across various sectors, but its potential impact on space, aerospace, and marine applications is especially noteworthy. It’s unmatched power density, and lightweight design makes it an ideal candidate for these fields where every kilogram matters.

For instance, the HPM 400’s low weight and high power output in space applications would be pivotal in achieving a high thrust-to-weight ratio, making space travel more energy efficient. Similarly, in the aerospace industry, this motor could revolutionize the burgeoning electric aircraft market, creating more efficient and sustainable planes.

The marine sector, too, stands to benefit enormously. With the HPM 400, electric boats could achieve much higher speeds and longer ranges than currently possible. It could pave the way for fully electric ferries and speedboats, reducing the maritime industry’s environmental footprint and increasing overall efficiency.

H2: The Future of Electric Propulsion with Equipmake

The introduction of the HPM 400 was done in style at the Future Propulsion Conference, signalling a bright and promising future for Equipmake and the electric vehicle sector at large. The company’s innovation in developing the world’s most power-dense motor is a testament to its forward-thinking vision and engineering prowess.

Equipmake’s continuous pursuit of excellence in the electromotive field underscores the transformative potential of electric propulsion. The HPM 400 is just a glimpse of what’s to come as we transition to an increasingly electrified future. This advancement in electric motor technology isn’t just about improving the vehicles we drive; it’s about reshaping our world.

From space exploration to aircraft development to maritime applications, the HPM 400 represents the dawn of a new era in propulsion technology. It showcases the potential of electric power to innovate, disrupt, and pave the way for a sustainable future. With Equipmake leading the charge, it’s an exciting time to keep an eye on the field of electric propulsion technology.

The HPM 400 symbolizes a significant step towards a more sustainable future. The world is increasingly looking to electric solutions as a way to mitigate the effects of climate change, and Equipmake is at the forefront of this shift, driving us towards an electrified


  • Equipmake has developed the High-Performance Motor (HPM) 400, a lightweight and powerful electric motor.
  • The HPM 400 has a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, delivering 400kW while weighing just 10kg.
  • It features efficient cooling technology to prevent overheating during extended operation.
  • The motor has significant potential in space, aerospace, and marine applications.
  • In space, it could improve thrust-to-weight ratio and energy efficiency for space travel.
  • In aerospace, it could revolutionize the electric aircraft market, making planes more efficient and sustainable.
  • In the marine sector, it could enable faster speeds and longer ranges for electric boats, reducing environmental impact.
  • The unveiling of the HPM 400 signals a bright future for Equipmake and the electric vehicle sector.
  • It represents the potential of electric propulsion to reshape various industries.
  • The motor is a step towards a more sustainable future, aligning with the global shift towards electric solutions.

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