Engineering Breakthroughs

Should we be sceptical of Alibaba’s claim its AI can identify coronavirus infections with 96% accuracy.

7 months ago — Quick Read

Alibaba announced this week that its new AI can identify coronavirus infections with 96% accuracy. Tomography (CT) imaging, also known as "CAT scanning" (Computerized Axial Tomography), provides a different form...

Green ammonia could slash emissions from farming – and power ships of the future

7 months ago — Quick Read

For the past 100 years, a simple molecule has had an immensely positive impact on our world. Ammonia, which comprises three hydrogen atoms bonded to a single nitrogen atom, is...

A new recipe for sustainable fish and animal feed – Maggots and rotting food waste!

8 months ago — Long Read

In a warehouse to the northeast of Cambridge are shelves upon shelves of trays teeming with maggots, munching their way through a meal of rotting fruit and vegetables.

Ocean Cleanup hauls its first batch of plastic trash back to shore

10 months ago — Quick Read

Has it been smooth sailing? No. But, The Ocean Cleanup has now completed its first successful mission to collect plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

Quantum Supremacy – What is it? What does it really mean?

10 months ago — Quick Read

Google and IBM are at odds over 'quantum supremacy' – an expert explains what it really means Google claims to have demonstrated something called “quantum supremacy”, in a paper published...

New experiment may solve the universe’s Dark energy mystery

11 months ago — Deep Dive

As an astronomer, there is no better feeling than achieving “first light” with a new instrument or telescope. It is the culmination of years of preparations and construction of new...