Homeschool Resources – University of Bath ‘Taster talks’

Homeschool Resources – University of Bath ‘Taster talks’

The University of Bath last year launched a series of Engineering Taster talks. From ancient architectural concepts to the electronics of the future.

The five talks are each under five minutes and are presented by a Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering were initially designed for the classroom but make a great home school activity.

Taster talk: Building frequencies

Dr Paul Shepherd tells us why structures move and shake, and how structural engineers can tune buildings to make them safe.

Taster talk: Dealing with waste water

Dr Ana Lanham talks us through what happens once our used water goes down the drain and how engineers are changing the way we manage this important resource.

Taster talk: Great architecture

Using an ancient formula, Daniel Wong tells us how we can define great design and build sustainably for our future.

Taster talk: Energy harvesting

Dr Hamideh Khanbareh tells us how we can create small amounts of power from the world around us.

Taster talk: Tomorrow’s electronics

Dr Matt Cole takes us from the origins of the transistor to the new materials that will power the electronics of the future.

The talks also have a series of worksheets, initially designed for classes to complete after watching, but suitable for homeschooling.

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