Revolutionizing Air Purification: University of Bath Develops Virus-Blocking FOAM3R Filter Technology

Revolutionizing Air Purification: University of Bath Develops Virus-Blocking FOAM3R Filter Technology

With air quality and respiratory illnesses remaining critical worldwide, there is a pressing need for revolutionary HVAC solutions that eliminate harmful pathogens and pollution. Researchers at the University of Bath have answered the call by inventing FOAM3R – a groundbreaking air filter technology that blocks over 99.9% of viruses while capturing toxic gasses.

FOAM3R utilizes selective adsorbents and antimicrobial agents to trap contaminants and deactivate microbial threats.

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The foam operates through a specialized regeneration system that allows continuous use without replacement parts or disposable waste. Early testing shows potential for creating healthier indoor environments across transportation, commercial and residential settings.

The technology centres around an advanced polymer foam matrix augmented with specialized adsorbent molecules and antimicrobial nanoparticles. As air passes, particulate matter adheres to the foam structure, while embedded agents inactivate biological contaminants.

Unlike disposable filter media, FOAM3R regenerates through cyclical heating to drive off captured VOCs and restore purification capacity. This allows extended use while concentrating gaseous pollutants into a safe condensate for zero-waste disposal.

Its straightforward manufacturing methodology makes the device interesting; FOAM3R holds unique potential as an adaptable air purification platform. Researchers highlight aircraft, automotive, marine and smart home applications as critical areas for commercialization. Importantly, it confirms existing HVAC equipment, enabling upgrade opportunities without total system replacements. It also promises energy savings of over 40% compared to current HEPA-based air cleaners.

Professor Semali Perera of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering commented on the technology’s disruptive implications, stating:

“We have created a highly efficient design, with none of the disposable cartridges or waste that we see in many commercial air purifiers, so there are several benefits to what we’ve created.”

The research team believes that FOAM3R could strongly influence

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) advancements while supporting environmental sustainability. The group now intends to partner with industry leaders capable of facilitating widespread commercial adoption.


  • University of Bath researchers invent FOAM3R filter technology that captures 99.9% of viruses
  • The foam operates via a regeneration system for continuous use with no replacement parts
  • Air purifier prototype utilizes FOAM3R for energy efficient operation with zero waste
  • Technology has disruptive potential across transportation, commercial and residential HVAC
  • Inventors seeking commercial partners to bring the innovation to market
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