Boston Dynamics introduces SpotMini

engineering careers  Boston Dynamics introduces SpotMini

Boston Dynamics, the Google owned Robotics company, has just introduced a new four-legged robot SpotMini.

This is the latest version of Spot, which we featured back in February.

The SpotMini comes in just under 30kg and is all-electric. It can run for around 90 minutes on a single charge.

She has a manoeuvrable arm that can pick up and place objects, as well as a suite of sensors which include a depth camera, a solid-state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors (that can provide a sense of position of self and movement) in the limbs.

Boston Dynamics claim this is the quietest robots it has ever built. Additionaly it is able to carry out some actions autonomously (squashing rumours of a falling out between Boston Dynamics and owner Google over greater integration with Googles own home automation efforts). SpotMini still requires human interaction for more complicated tasks.

Watch the full video below. Just make sure to watch to the end for the out-takes.