Born to Engineers Top 5 Most Visited Stories of 2016

Born to Engineers Top 5 Most Visited Stories of 2016

In our final Year in Review story, we look at the most popular stories we have featured on the site. We have reviewed the stats, and run the numbers to give you the five most popular stories we have featured this year.

#1 – Virtual Reality & Robotics Help Paralyzed Patients Learn To Walk Again

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Back in August we looked at how both long-term paraplegics and those fully paralysed from the waist down have experienced a partial recovery after training with virtual reality (VR) and robotic technologies.

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#2 – Tolerance In Olympic Swimming Results In More Ties

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As part of our Engineering the Olympics series in August we looked at how Deadspin’s Timothy Burke had shown how Engineering explains why there are so many ties in swimming

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#3 – 8 Reasons China’s New Traffic-Straddling Bus Is So Fascinating


Our take on how Engineers in Qinhuangdao City solution of a large straddling bus idea is uniquely fascinating to China’s traffic problems

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#4 – Juno: NASA Release Images Of Juno’s Jupiter Approach


NASA release of over 1,300 unprocessed images of Juno’s approach of Jupiter (and all things Juno) proved a massive hit this year. We will keep you updated with more space-science Engineering stories in 2017.

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#5 – Third Successful Test Of NASAs RS-25 Engine; The Rocket That Might Take Us To Mars

s16 081 ssc 20160818 s00653 rs 25 engine test

Finally, NASA report that it has successfully tested the engine created to power its huge Space Launch System (SLS) deep-space rocket, with no issues occurring across its 7.5-minute run was our fifth most popular story of the year.

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