Born to Engineer – A Year in Review

engineering careers  Born to Engineer – A Year in Review

2016 has been a big year for Born to Engineer – we look back at some of our favourites bits

Back in May we relaunched a completely new Born to Engineer website. The new site is a portal to the latest Engineering News, a way to access resources for aspiring Engineers and place to view or download our Born to Engineer video series.

We have been working hard to produce high quality and interesting Engineering News and are now looking forward to 2017 to improve our Resource Selection. If you have any ideas or suggestions we would love for you to get in touch with your feedback.

Alongside the new site we have released three new films.

In January we looked at the work of Nuclear Fusion Engineer Kim Cave-Ayland

In June we explored the energy saving work of Innovation Design Engineer Mathew Holloway

Then in September we looked at how  becoming an Apprentice Engineer had changed the life of Lewis Wilde.


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For 2017 we have more films planned (some will be out of this world, and some will show you how Engineering can allow you to soar), new resources in the pipeline and all the best Engineering news.

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