‘Repurposed Materials Challenge’ offers 20k Euro Prize

3 months ago — Quick Read

A new competition has been launched to find new applications for the waste originated in soda lime production. The online competition, organized by CIECH Group and Ennomotive, is open to...

ANTOLIN i.JUMP open innovation program offers 10k Euro Prize for the best in-vehicle UX ideas

4 months ago — Long Read

ennomotive and Grupo Antolin have launched the ANTOLIN i.JUMP open innovation program. The first challenge gives you the chance to win a cash prize of 10,000 euros. The aim of...

Case Study – How Frugal Engineering helped solve water distribution in Villa Gonzalo

5 months ago — Long Read

This week we take a look at a crowdsourcing engineering success story with a social goal. Frugal Engineering has emerged as a way to adapt existing products and make them...