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The Science Museum is challenging misconceptions of what engineers do

Long Read

This June, London's Science Museum will be expanding its reach by opening a brand new Engineers Gallery. The new gallery will be dedicated to some of the world’s most innovative technological achievements and their masterminds, this gallery seeks to obliterate common misconceptions about engineers with inspiring narratives from...

The Engineering behind how Scientists are steering lightning with lasers

Deep Dive

Lightning may look beautiful but every year it kills thousands of people, does huge amounts of damage to buildings and infrastructure, and causes power outages. The only protection we have is lightning rods, which were invented 300 years ago and only protect a small area. The cost of...

Meet the NASA nuclear propulsion concept which could get to Mars in just 45 days

Long Read

A groundbreaking proposal could revolutionize space exploration, as NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program has selected a revolutionary nuclear propulsion system for development in 2023. The proposal is spearheaded by Professor Ryan Gosse of the University of Florida. His concept for a new bimodal Nuclear Thermal and Nuclear...

Top Engineering Videos – Ebbco

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Ebbco is a YouTube channel that provides educational content related to fabrication and machine engineering. The channel shares its knowledge and skills around machining and engineering tools with its dedicated community in a fun and engaging way. The channel covers a wide range of topics, from beginner-friendly...

Transforming Plastic Waste into Sustainable Fuel with the University of Cambridge

Long Read

The University of Cambridge has recently unveiled a groundbreaking technology that could change the way we think about our plastic and carbon dioxide (CO2) waste. The machine takes in waste and CO2 and through a photoelectrochemical system transforms them into valuable materials like synthetic gas and glycolic acid....

Top Engineering Videos – NYC CNC

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NYC CNC is a YouTube channel that is perfect for students who are interested in learning more about computer numerical control (CNC) machines, machining, and metalworking. The channel is run by John Saunders who owns and operates Saunders Machine Works. He is a machinist with over 20 years...


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