Tim Peak launches STEM Learnings free home learning support

engineering careers  Tim Peak launches STEM Learnings free home learning support

STEM Learning have launched a brand new free home teaching and learning support platform for families with a first video featuring British astronaut Tim Peake answering children’s questions about space.

The courses are suitable for young people aged 4-19, and have been handcrafted by STEM Learnings team.

The platform have more than 300 activities and materials available from our bank of over 14,000 free resources to support parents and carers with home learning, with a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Tim Peake explained that he “was fortunate enough to become an astronaut, but even if I hadn’t there are so many interesting and exciting careers in space and aviation that are all made possible by STEM subjects. The most important thing, regardless of what field you’d like to work in, is to follow what you’re passionate about; work hard at it, be determined and, while there will be ups-and-downs along the way, you will always see it through.”

Alongside practical resources for teaching STEM Learning also have advice available for parents on how to support maintaining your child’s wellbeing as a result of coronavirus and they have also created a survival guide for parents who are dealing with home learning for the first time.

STEL Learning is also offering extra support weekdays from 8:30 am to 4.30 pm via a web chat, which can be found at the bottom right-hand side of every page on their website.