German Engineers use Wifi to see through walls

3 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a holographic imaging process that depicts the radiation of a Wi-Fi transmitter to generate three-dimensional images of the surrounding environment...

New Wi-Fi system ‘MegaMIMO 2.0’ designed to tackle spectrum crunch

3 years ago — Quick Read

MegaMIMO 2.0 is a new Wi-Fi system designed help with congested networks. It can transfer wireless data three times faster than existing Wi-Fi protocols, and can almost double the range....

On-board WiFi could help hackers bring down plane

5 years ago — Quick Read

According to the US watchdog Government Accountability Office, hackers could potentially use on-board WiFi to bring down an aeroplane. This is due to the cockpit electronics being linked to the...