End of the track for Isle of Wights last rollercoaster

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"The Cliffhanger", the Isle of Wight's last rollercoaster closes next week. The Isle of Wight was once one of the UK top tourist destinations and known for its theme parks. As times have changed the Island has undergone many changes and has only a handful of attractions left....

Space Perspective – High Altitude shows off ‘Space Lounge’

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A new space tourism startup Space Perspective has revealed the designs for its “Space Lounge” cabin. Space Perspective hope the lounge will ascend well into the Earth’s atmosphere, but unlike other space tourism ventures it will do this hanging from a massive balloon. The capsule will stop at...

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin – are they more than ‘space’ joyrides for millionaires?

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Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and his team successfully flew to the “edge of space” on the Unity 22 mission aboard a Virgin Galactic plane on July 12. The event was hailed as the start of space tourism, narrowly beating the planned launch on 20 July by fellow billionaire...