Engineering Questions – If all the vehicles in the world were to convert to electric, would it be quieter?

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If everyone everywhere received a free electric vehicle at the same time – and owners were required to travel at really slow speeds across well-maintained roads – the world would sound different. But that doesn’t mean it would be quieter. People can have different feelings about the same...

How the sound of the Olympics is created – 3,600 microphones and counting

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The modern-era Olympics are among the largest sporting events in the world – but relatively few people actually get to watch the action live and in person. So the four-yearly Games have proved to be an important driver for audiovisual progress. The Tokyo 1964 Games were the first...

The Punishing Signal – Did Mumbai just solve the its honking problem?

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Tired of "honkers" in traffic jams? India has come up with a solution. These traffic lights will stay red as long as the drivers keep honking. The constant barrage of car honking in traffic is a real problem for the business and homes around congestion hot spots in...