New medical gun spins out protective web to cover burns and wounds

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An Israeli firm has revealed its latest innovation - a medical gun spins out 'skin substitute' for burns. The 'Spider-Man-style' should allow patients to move more freely and removes the need for painful dressings. The gun allows doctors to spin a protective web - this web forms...

This phone case actually makes your phone skinny.

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Marc Teyssier and a team at Telecom Paris have pioneered a new artificial skin that promises to make phones feel a bit more ... human. Marc Teyssier, who is a PhD. candidate at Telecom Paris, explained on his website that "we interact with others, we use skin...

Cosmetic company turns to 3D printing for the perfect face mask

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Skincare giant Neutrogena is turning to 3D printing to solidify its position in the tech world for its latest skincare product. The cosmetic company announced at CES 2019 that it will start selling custom printed 3D face masks based on a customer’s faces. Masks will be created from...