Cosmetic company turns to 3D printing for the perfect face mask

Cosmetic company turns to 3D printing for the perfect face mask

Skincare giant Neutrogena is turning to 3D printing to solidify its position in the tech world for its latest skincare product.

The cosmetic company announced at CES 2019 that it will start selling custom printed 3D face masks based on a customer’s faces.

Masks will be created from data collected through the companies iOS app – MaskiD – when it launches in 2019.

These masks will fit a person’s facial features perfectly and Neutrogena believes they can use the tech to ‘deliver localized spot treatments’.

While this is yet another sign of 3D scan-and-print technology spreading beyond niche markets concerns have been raised with Neutrogena’s plans for their customer’s facial data.

The company has said it won’t sell on facial data but that won’t stop it using data it collects using it’s ‘Skin360 device’ for market research and data analytics. It plans to use the data it collects to improve its own products lines and give customers personalised recommendations for more cosmetic products.

Additionally, the company has been quiet about the costs of the tech. It would be sensible to assume that personalised scanning and printing will add a premium to the masks when they come to the market.

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