The Moon – What Moon Missions are planned for 2023?

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2023 is set to be a bumper year for Moon missions. Russia, India, and the European Space Agency are all gearing up to launch missions. This follows on from a successful 2022 which saw NASA's Artemis I mission make a successful lunar orbit. However, the coming year sees...

Solar panels a ‘requirement’ on all new EU buildings

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Solar panels are set to become mandatory be on all Europe's new public, commercial buildings, and residential buildings buildings. The European Union wants to boost the rollout of solar energy while also rebuilding Europe’s solar manufacturing industry. As part of the EU's new strategy to dump imports of...

Born to Engineer talks exotic locations with SMEC Chief Technical Principal Gavin Strid

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There are lots of reasons why people are drawn to Engineering – for Gavin Strid exotic locations such as Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and China were an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. Gavin joined SMEC's international team almost thirty years ago, and since then has embarked on a varied...