New Research – Mars mission reveals surprising secrets of red planet’s interior

4 months ago — Deep Dive

Mars InSight: mission unveils surprising secrets of red planet’s interior – new research We may have walked on the Moon and sent probes across the solar system, but we know very...

Ingenuity Mars helicopter sends positive status update

9 months ago — Quick Read

NASA is reporting a positive status update from its Ingenuity Mars helicopter after it touched down onboard the Ingenuity rover last week. The update comes before the craft prepares for...

Why are there so many Mars Missions blasting off this year?

1 year ago — Deep Dive

Mars 2020: the hunt for life on the red planet is about to get serious Illustration of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech Next spring is going to be a...

Planet-hunter telescope TESS launches today

4 years ago — Quick Read

A new tool for would be planet hunters is due to blast off from Cape Canaveral later today.

Cassini spacecraft reveals the bizarre vortex at the center of Saturn’s ‘hexagon’

4 years ago — Quick Read

NASA has showcased new images from its Cassini spacecraft that show the bizarre vortex at the top of Saturn's northern pole. Cassini was ~166,000 miles from Saturn when it took...

Global layer of liquid believed to cover one of Saturn’s moons

6 years ago — Quick Read

Scientists believe that an underground body of water on the moon of Enceladus covers the whole of the moon. The surface of the planet is solid ice, but researchers have...