Quadroins – meet the artificial birds being used to study the Ocean

5 months ago — Long Read

Meet the prototype of the robot penguin, named Quadroin, is being used to study the Ocean

Ocean Cleanup hauls its first batch of plastic trash back to shore

2 years ago — Quick Read

Has it been smooth sailing? No. But, The Ocean Cleanup has now completed its first successful mission to collect plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

New tech harnesses energy by mixing freshwater and seawater

2 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at Stanford have created a new battery made from affordable and durable materials which can generate energy in places where salt and fresh waters mingle. The new tech could...

Could we regrow the Great Barrier Reef with electricity?

3 years ago — Quick Read

Might it be possible to restore the damaged Great Barrier Reef to its former glory using electricity?

Countdown begins for Ocean Cleanup System 001 launch

3 years ago — Long Read

In 10 days, on September 8th, Ocean Cleanup will launch the world’s first ocean cleanup system from an assembly yard in Alameda, out through the San Francisco Bay, toward the...

Drones help free whales from ocean debris

4 years ago — Quick Read

Ocean debris can be deadly for marine life. Everything from discarded fishing gear to domestic plastic can represent a real threat to Whales. Specialists at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric...