Hydrogen fuel cells allowing data centers rethink of how they use electrical systems

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US tech giant Microsoft has begun experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells as a replacement for traditional diesel backup in its data centres. Microsoft hopes that the development of hydrogen fuel-cell tech as a replacement for diesel backup will enable data centre to rework existing electrical systems. The idea...

Microsoft set to reboot its carbon footprint

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Microsoft has outlined radical plans to entirely reverse its carbon footprint by 2050. The tech giant said those who could afford to move faster and go further on reducing carbon emissions should do so. The US tech giant has pledged to remove all the carbon it has...

Facebook & Microsoft partner to create the highest-capacity undersea cable yet

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Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans for "MAREA", their new 6600 kilometres undersea cable (which means "tide" in Spanish). The cable will run from Bilbao in Spain to the US state of Virginia. Comprised of eight fiber pairs it will be capable of moving data at 160 terabits...