The Science Museum is challenging misconceptions of what engineers do

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This June, London's Science Museum will be expanding its reach by opening a brand new Engineers Gallery. The new gallery will be dedicated to some of the world’s most innovative technological achievements and their masterminds, this gallery seeks to obliterate common misconceptions about engineers with inspiring narratives from...

Regenerative Medicine – Scientists regrow frogs’ amputated limbs

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A team of researchers have successfully regrown the legs a group of frogs. The technique is a significant advance for regenerative medicine and a step forward in - one day - helping people who have lost limbs. Their strategy focused on triggering dormant anatomical patterning programs in the...

Major funding announced to avert an antibiotics apocalypse

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The Universities of Oxford, Ulster and UCL have announced a cross-disciplinary team to tackle the growing challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The team, funded by EPSRC and the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), will spend the next five years developing new technology to improve both the diagnosis and...