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MIT Engineers believe their Fusion Reactor design is “Very Likely to Work”

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After months of intensive research and engineering work, the team from MIT behind the newest “SPARC” compact fusion reactor have revealed the reasons they believe it will actually work. SPARC is designed to be a compact, high-field, DT burning tokamak. It is currently being developed by a team...

Disney create ‘Force Jacket’ for when you need a virtual hug

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Disney might be best known for Star Wars but its R&D wing - Disney Research - has just unveiled first real-world mastery of the force - the "Force Jacket". The jacket is designed to apply force to a users body. Allowing them to experience a range of sensations...

Second winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize announced

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The Royal Academy of Engineering has named Professor Robert Langer of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the second winner of the Queen Elizabeth Prize. Professor Langer has been granted the award for his invention of sustained drug delivery systems and his work in the field of tissue engineering...