Engineering Podcasts – Teach The Geek

8 months ago — Long Read

Teach The Geek sees Engineer Neil Thompson dive into the topic of public speaking for those working in and around STEM. The podcast has something for everyone, from complete novices...

Engineering In Focus – The Ultimate Career Guide for Battery Management System Engineer

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With the unending transformation of battery technology, new opportunities are emerging for beginners to learn about battery management systems. The course offers learners a guide to the battery management system...

Engineering in Focus – Sheet Metal and its role in Machining

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Sheet metal is used in a huge number of industries - from automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, aeroplane fuselages and wings, medical tables, to the roofs for buildings - but...

Engineering In Focus – A Career Guide to Automotive Engineering

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The automobile industry is known for being very competitive as manufacturers are always looking for ways to up their competition whether it be on features or pricing.

Engineering Podcasts – The Undistilled Series

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A new podcast from TWI is focusing on world-class experts as well as leading authorities from industry and academia. The series, The Undistilled Series, has just put out its first...

Engineering in Focus – Pavement Engineering

1 year ago — Long Read

Your Career Guide to Pavement Engineering Pavement engineering is a civil engineering component that utilizes engineering techniques to create and maintain rigid and flexible pavements. The pavements  may include highways...