Everything You Need to Know About Railguns in 2023: The Weapon Powered by Electromagnetic Force

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Engineers have been trying to create a functional railgun for militaries globally for over a century. In this blog post, we will take a look at the current state of railgun technology and explore the possibilities of its future in 2023. Just over a decade ago, the U.S....

Infographic — Engineering for the Developing World – Meeting the Basic Needs of All

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Although birth rates in developed countries have slowed down dramatically, figures from the United Nations (UN) show that the world’s population will hit 9.7 billion by 2050. What’s more, much of this growth will occur in underdeveloped and developing countries. These countries lack the infrastructure to cope with...

How Does Masdar City – the ultimate experiment in sustainable urban living – stack up against Birmingham?

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Masdar City has been pitched as a ‘zero carbon’ and ‘zero waste’ city. This brand new city in the United Arab Emirates aims to be a world-leading low-carbon metropolis but this week sustainability experts at the University of Birmingham released a new study to comparing it to and...