Get It Made Unveils New Fund to Advance Women in Innovation

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Get It Made, a London-based manufacturing powerhouse is stepping up its commitment to women in innovation by introducing a new 2023 grant. This financial support is aimed at fostering the potential of women in various tech industries and increasing female employment within UK's industrial sectors. As a nod...

The Remarkable Transformation of Paleis Het Loo: A Masterpiece of Engineering and History

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The historic Paleis Het Loo, a baroque hunting palace on the outskirts of Apeldoorn, has recently undergone an ambitious and meticulous transformation that seamlessly blends its historical features with modern exhibitions and is set to open next week. The project involved: The addition of over 5,000 square meters of...

Heatwave – What science says about the best ways to cool down

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What science says about the best ways to cool down We spend most of the year complaining that Britain is too cold and wet but gripe with just as much enthusiasm about the heat. Although moaning about the weather is satisfying, it’s better to take action and cool yourself...