#3D Printing

MIT Engineers are now 3D printing glass

3 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at MIT have perfected a process that means 3D printers can now squirt out endless streams of molten glass. While the thought of a machine firing molten glass endlessly...

UK Startup fuses Engineering and Traditional Chocolate Making

4 years ago — Quick Read

Candy Mechanics, a start-up based in London, has introduced the first 3D consumable product to be created directly from any smartphone – your own head made in chocolate. Your browser...

3D-printed living bacteria

5 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers in Zürich have created a biocompatible ink for 3D printing using living bacteria.

Could these incredible submarine concepts be used by the Royal Navy in the future?

5 years ago — Long Read

The Royal Navy has released new submarine concepts that hint at how 3D printing could revolutionise naval design. The designs have been produced by a team of young engineers from...

How Japan’s adorable zero-gravity space drone navigates ISS

5 years ago — Quick Read

There is no denying that Japans Aerospace Exploration Agencies (JAXA) JEM Internal Ball Camera is cute but the tiny space drone is packed full of some interesting engineering. Your browser...

Ground breaking new 3D-Printing technique allows the printing of Transparent Glass

5 years ago — Long Read

A brand new 3D printing technique could allow scientists to print glass which incorporates different 'refractive indices' in a single printed piece of transparent glass. This could make finishing glass...