Stunning time-lapse from inside the Crew Dragon

engineering careers  Stunning time-lapse from inside the Crew Dragon

Japanese space agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Noguchi has created a breath-taking timelapse from inside SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.

NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins shared the time-lapse on Twitter. Noguchi, Hopkins and 8 others are currently onboard the International Space Station.

The time-lapse was taken within Resilience – SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule.

Resilience was moved from the IDA-2 port (facing-Earth) on the ISS to docking adapter 3 IDA-3 (facing-Space) earlier this month to make space for it to be joined on April 22nd by Endeavour – another SpaceX capsule.

The move means that Resilience sits on the zenith of the ISS attached to its’ Harmony module. We do not know which port the video was created at.

The 15-second clip shows a view few will ever see in person.