STEM Resources for educating your children at home

STEM Resources for educating your children at home

With several European countries already in lockdown, and with the prospect of school closures just around the corner here in the UK we have put together a list of useful resources to keep your kids up to speed and avoid boredom.

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There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment here in the UK about school closures.

We have put together a list of resources that will, hopefully, allow parents to plan ahead and be more confident that they cannot just keep kids of all ages entertained but also their minds active and engaged. Please explore the list and if you have any you think we have missed do let us know. We hope it can be used to reduce stress and anxiety around the broader real-world impact of school closures.

This article is designed to outline external education resources. For general advice of Coronavirus and the school closures, you can find more information on the Governments COVID-19 portal.

STEM Learning – Resources for children of all ages

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Born to Engineer favourites, STEM Learning, have a range of fantastic resources (from activity packs to videos and lesson plans) for children from Primary to Secondary school age.

STEM Learning is unique in that all there resources are marked as quality assured which allows you to be confident that you are teaching your kids the right stuff. STEM Learning is completely free to access but you do need to sign up for an account.

Resources from Engineering organisations and societies.

  • The Royal Academy of Engineering has a selected of teaching and learning resources which have been created by teachers and engineers that aim to engage school students with science, technology and mathematics by placing these subjects in engineering contexts.
  • The IET has a set of free teaching resources aimed at secondary teachers of Science, Maths, Design & Technology and Computing which can be adapted for us at home
  • The James Dyson foundation produces a series of physical teaching packs around its products. While you might be able to get hold of the pack itself the PDFs are free to download from the website and can be used alongside Dyson products you might already have in the home.
  • Tomorrows Engineers have put together a series of excellent activity packs which are signed posted from ‘easy as pie’ to ‘practice makes perfect’ allowing you to tailor them to your child’s ability level. Topics range from Heat Exchange to Bath Fizzies
  • UK supercar Bloodhound has a series of free resources which include videos and fast fact sheets.

Online Resources for Infant and Primary School Children

Online Resources for Secondary School Children

Best Educational Youtube Channels

When all else fails Youtube provides an unlimited selectional of really high-quality educational channels for a range of agers. We recommend —

Youtube for Younger Children

Youtube for Older Children

We hope this list of resources helps you. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you at [email protected]

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