One Week to Go on our Lego Competion

engineering careers  One Week to Go on our Lego Competion

We have less than one week to go until we close our NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO give-away.

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Some of our favourite Instagram Entries so far

While the final entries will be drawn randomly from Gleam, we wanted to share some of our favourites from Instagram so far.
@astrondrew family upgrade from Duplo to Lego.
@higuysitsdisty innovative particle accelerator
@lisellerjw micro-skyline of London
@allaboutlego_ awesome and unique drivetrain system
@christina_riley2000 we are suckers for any Star Wars themed creations
@fun_little_ones huge Lego fort

You can enter the competition below by following us on Twitter, retweeting the competition or following us on Youtube. But, what we would really love you to do is share your Engineering inspired LEGO creation on Instagram with the hashtag #borntoengineer!

The competition is powered by Gleam, you can enter using the widget below or directly here.

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V