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Quadroins – meet the artificial birds being used to study the Ocean

5 months ago — Long Read

Meet the prototype of the robot penguin, named Quadroin, is being used to study the Ocean

Electric NXT eyes airspeed record

6 months ago — Quick Read

Electric NXT - aka E-NXT - is setting its sights on the world speed record for an electric aircraft. The single-seater aircraft is developed by Electroflight alongside engineering heavy-hitters Rolls-Royce....

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin – are they more than ‘space’ joyrides for millionaires?

6 months ago — Deep Dive

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and his team successfully flew to the “edge of space” on the Unity 22 mission aboard a Virgin Galactic plane on July 12. The event was...

Branson preps for ‘extraordinary’ Space flight today

6 months ago — Quick Read

British Engineering icon Sir Richard Branson is set to realise his life's ambition to fly to the edge of space today. Branson is set to board his Virgin Galactic rocket...

Flying car completes first ever city-to-city flight

7 months ago — Quick Read

A staple of Science-fiction has become a reality as the AirCar completed a full 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava.

FAA approves passenger spaceflight for Virgin Galactic

7 months ago — Long Read

Space Tourism company Virgin Galactic announced today that the US Federal Aviation Administration has given the company the final license it needs to fly passengers on future spaceflights. Up to...