Engineers Propose Turning the US Border Wall Into a Hyperloop

Engineers Propose Turning the US Border Wall Into a Hyperloop

The Trump administration is reviewing design bids for its proposed “wall” along the US-Mexico border, but not all Engineers are interpreting this literally.

there would be stations along the hyperloop for people from any country to board

The proposal comes from a group of Mexican and American engineers and urban planners called the MADE Collective, they simply want to build a $1 trillion hyperloop transportation network.

The 19th century brought us boundaries, the 20th century we built walls, the next will bridge nations by creating communities based on shared principles of economic resiliency, energy independence and a trust based society.MADE Collective

The group has submitted its design to the US Customs and Border Protection’s and created a petition to replace the current border fencing with its hyperloop design.

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There would be stations all along the hyperloop and the network would feature several solar farms, which would provide power.

Customs and Border Protection will announce on June which 10 companies it will hire to build prototypes of the border wall.

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