Hyperloop Technologies Shuts Down After Failing to Achieve Commercial Viability

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The concept of the hyperloop - ultra high-speed transportation via pods or capsules travelling in near-vacuum tubes - originated in 2013 with a white paper by Elon Musk. This sci-fi-esque idea quickly captured the public imagination and spurred several startups to attempt to turn the Hyperloop into reality....

SpaceX to build floating spaceports

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SpaceX is looking to build floating spaceports to use for both hypersonic Earth travel and missions to Moon and Mars. A job advert this week revealed the US private space company is looking to take onboard more staff at its Offshore Operations in Brownsville. The new hires...

New hyperloop passenger pod revealed

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The prototype for the first passenger capsule by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has been revealed. The capsule, designed to transport people at subsonic speeds, is now ready to be sent to a test track in Toulouse, France. Hyperloop TT has been locked in a race to produce a viable...