Is film a useful way to showcase research?

Is film a useful way to showcase research?

At Born to Engineer we are big believers in film being a fantastic way to showcase complex topics – not just for Engineering but across a whole range of subjects. However, in recent years more and more researchers are using film as a means of reaching a broader audience than the avid readers of scientific journals. Just how useful is film as a medium to showcase research?

What do you think?

Is film an interesting way to showcase complex topics? Tell us what you think?

The Times Higher Educational supplement has asked just this question this week. Matthew Reisz took a look at Sara Penrhyn Jones, a research fellow in the department of film and media at Bath Spa University, film Timeline to explore the question.

Timeline is one of five shortlisted for this years The AHRC Research in Film Awards.

The award is designed to showcase the best of the growing number of high-quality short films linked to arts and humanities research. These cover topics as broad as ‘how do people interact in public spaces’ or ‘Taiwanese pop music as it spreads through different communities’.

Sarah conclusion is that she “really do[es] believe that a well-made film can shift the debate just by reaching the right specialist networks, as well as a general audience”. We agree.

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